Strong Eyes CXX

Celebrating 120 Years

In 2023, NorthernLife is celebrating its 120th birthday! God has been so faithful over the years, even when we couldn't see it. This series "Strong Eyes CXX" looks back at 4 stories of faith from the Old Testament to encourage us at NorthernLife to continue looking into the future with faith in a faithful God.


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April 2023

Easter 2023

Richard Ford and guest speaker Rev. Dr. Ross Clifford preach our two Easter messages in 2023.

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May 2023


This May Mission Month we're studying the Book of Jonah over 4 weeks.

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April 2023


This series is all about second chances, about having a go at ministry again even after being hurt. By studying 3 second-chance stories in the Gospels, this series will encourage you to believe again, minister again, and step out again.

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