Our Story

Old Hornsby Baptist Church.

The story begins.

The story begins on Sunday December 6, 1903, when a group of believers living in Hornsby gathered to constitute a Baptist church in the area. A block of ground was selected for the building of the church. The event was recorded in the Sydney Morning Herald the following Friday.


The first building.

Our first building (a timber church) was completed in 1904. The foundation stone (still visible today on College Cres.) was laid on February 6, 1904. The first members of Hornsby Baptist gathered every Sunday for worship in this building.


Two world wars.

Throughout the tumultuous early-mid 1900s Hornsby Baptist Church continued to gather for worship and ministry. As the church grew, the building was expanded several times to fit its needs.


The red brick building.

In 1953, two significant events occurred in the life of Hornsby Baptist: the church turned 50, and the old timber building was replaced by a new red brick building to house Hornsby's growing life and ministry. The building would stand for over 60 years.


Redevelopment talks.

In August 2000, as the red brick building neared 50 years of age, discussions about the redevelopment of the church site on the corner of Pretoria Parade and College Crescent began.


100 years of ministry.

2003 marked 100 years of Hornsby Baptist Church's ministry on the same hill-corner it was originally founded on in 1903.


Demolition begins.

In mid-late 2016, demolition of the 60-year old red brick building began. The property redevelopment project was underway and Hornsby Baptist had to find a temporary new home. Watch the Farewell Church Home video below.

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Construction underway.

The construction of the new Ministry Centre on the original site in Hornsby began in 2017. Watch the timelapse of the demolition/construction of the Ministry Centre below.

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A new season.

As the new building was being constructed, Hornsby Baptist followed God's leading into their new season by changing their name to NorthernLife Baptist Church. During this time, the church met in a local primary school.


A new home.

In October 2019, Hornsby Baptist Church (now known as NorthernLife) moved into the new Ministry Centre and ministered for a few short months before COVID-19 moved us into Church Online.

Ministry Centre


Our mission today is to love God, love others and make disciples. We are a body made up of believers from across the nations, beautifully reflecting the cultural diversity of the Hornsby area. We'd love to meet you this Sunday.



Our vision is to be a faithful & fruitful church for the glory of God in Hornsby. While our vision excites us, it's really nothing new — it's what we've been doing since 1903. Will you be a part of what God is doing here at NorthernLife?


We would love to meet you.