Easter 2020

From COVID lockdown in Sydney, Australia, a 2-part sermon series from Easter 2020 on April 10 and 12, 2022.


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September 2023

Grace to Overcome

Lust, contempt, envy, unforgiveness, anger, entitlement, pride, bitterness, gossip, dishonesty. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT TO OVERCOME. A 3-week sermon series featuring lay preachers from NorthernLife.

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May 2024


Our theme for this May Mission Month is Mending! No matter where we are, we can join God in mending a beautiful, broken world. This series is provided by Baptist Mission Australia and will be run in churches across Australia.

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October 2022

Psalms Collective

This October, 9 preachers from NorthernLife are unpacking one Psalm each in the "Psalms Collective" series.

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